Connecticut Coalition of Interior Designers

The Connecticut Coalition of Interior Designers (CCID) is a not for profit organization representing, promoting and informing on the positions of the interior design community. (As a professional business organization, membership in CCID is not an endorsement of interior design competency).

The Coalition is the unified voice for practicing interior designers in Connecticut, regardless of their business association affiliation. It works to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public by promoting the level of competency which the (NCIDQ) sets for minimum standards of practice. It acts both administratively and legislatively on regulatory matters impacting the practice of interior design in Connecticut.

And; it shares ASID’s paramount concern of fostering a favorable climate for right to practice by focusing on current and future legislative issues of the interior design profession.

CCID Application

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The Connecticut Coalition of Interior Designers works to:

  1. Clarify the concerns of building officials and legislators regarding the scope of work interior designers practice in relation to the services offered by architects and other design providers.

  2. Explain the need for interior design certification in regard to public safety, consumer benefits, and right to practice.
  3. Resolve interdisciplinary issues related to interior designers and their practice.
  4. The purpose of the Coalition’s legislative activities is to promote:

WHO interior designers are by establishing the practice as a recognized design profession.
WHAT constitutes the scope of interior design as separate from other design professions.
WHEN building officials and fire marshals may accept interior design documents for permitting purposes.
THAT interior designers may collaborate with other design professionals and ensure that interior designers may hire them as consultants as necessary.
HOW the profession should be regulated with a legislated board.
WHY interior design registration is important. It will enable Connecticut consumers to choose among various design professions according to the consumers’ level of need and scope of project.

CCID Accomplishments

or over 20 years the Connecticut Coalition of Interior Designers has promoted, protected, and defended the right of interior designers to freely practice their profession. Because Connecticut was one of the first states to enact title registration, CCID has been a resource to others in the development of statutory regulation of the profession. Today 24 states or jurisdictions have interior design statutes and legislative activity continues in several more. Interior design is now recognized as integral to, if not the purpose of, the built environment. Research indicates interior design is critical to workplace productivity, central in the creation of learning and healing environments, and the basis for the ability to age-in-place. Much of ADA compliance relates to interior design – the term ‘universal design’ was first published by an interior designer. CCID has advocated the importance of the interior design profession from dayone.

In its lifetime, CCID has testified in Hartford on various issues impacting interior designers, from removing the sales tax on interior design services to a recent successful defense of the National Council for Interior Design Qualification examination as the sole standard for statutory professional qualification. Periodically, Connecticut updates which building code edition will apply to construction. The code adoption process is being monitored by CCID, since in 2003 the State Building Inspector will make his recommendation.

CCID continues to represent the interest of interior designers on these and other legislative or administrative matters. Perhaps CCID’s most resonating impact is reflected in this interior design student’s statement: “As a student entering the design field, I want to be sure my profession is well respected. CCID is making that happen and ensuring the future of interior designers in Connecticut. Its existence is safeguarding all interior designers.”

CCID Board Meetings

CCID Board meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month and start at 6:30PM.

50 Washington Street, 8th Floor
South Norwalk, CT

Cindy Fritzinger,  Executive Administrator